Get Our Best Deals on Champagne with All-Day Sparkling Wine Sale

Fizz Fest returns February 29 on Last Bubbles!

Fizz Fest starts Feb. 29 on Last! Get our best deals on sparkling wine.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 29th for the only sparkling wine sale with deals as rare as Leap Day itself. We’re talking free shipping and steep discounts on grower Champagne, Grande Marque Champagne houses, fantabulous Cali-sparklers, British bubbly (and more!) for 24 hours straight! The all-day, all-night sparkling wine blowout sale begins at 9am (Napa time) sharp– and we keep the deals coming all day long (and night) long. 

This extra-special sparkling sale only comes a few times a year, and the first Fizz Fest of 2024 is set to be the one of our most exciting to date! This is the very best time to snag sparklers at major discounts– we’re talking 30%-70% off retail!

If you’re new to our fizzy festivities– we’re so glad you’re here. Here’s what you can expect for Fizz Fest, Feb. 29th.

What is Fizz Fest?

Last Bubbles is the sparkling sister site to the wine fanatic favorite, Last Bottle Wines. We offer one premium bubbly each day until it sells out, and oftentimes, it sells out in minutes! We aren’t a subscription service, just a laser-focused retailer that brings you unbelievable discounts on the most fantabulous sparklers you’ve ever seen (or tasted!)

But for the Fizz Fest, we flip that one-wine-per-day system on its head, and offer wine after wine after wine! If you’re familiar with the Last Bottle Marathon, then you are armed with the knowledge to slay this Fizz Fest! But don’t fear, bubble babies, you too will soon be prepared to capture these spectacular deals!

Two very important words come to mind regarding Fizz Fest: free and shipping. Each and every bottle of grower Champagne, crème de la crème crémant, lavish Lambrusco, pét-nat, and more will say bon voyage to our warehouse for freeeeee.

How Does Fizz Fest Shopping Work?

Just like a regular day at Last Bubbles, at any point during the Fizz Fest you’ll see just one sparkling wine on the site, but rest assured it won’t be there for long. Each wine will be on the site for mere minutes (sometimes seconds!) To secure the offer before it goes away for good, you must complete the checkout process. (If you pre-save your shipping and credit card info in your account, this will only be three clicks!)

Buyer beware! Bubbles will not be saved in your cart. Only a completed purchase secures the inventory. With that in mind, our strongest recommendation is to refrain from hesitation! Fizz Fest is fast– and if you want to catch the bubbles of a lifetime, you’ll need speedy fingers. 

Your Fizz Fest will likely consist of many, many small purchases, but fear not! You will not receive several tiny wine packages. Once the event is complete, our team will combine your Fizz Fest orders so you receive all of your wines together. This takes our team a fair bit of time, so please be patient and we’ll work overtime to get things out to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, you will relish the budding spring season with all of your favorite sparklers in hand!

Stupendous Stills Hour

Stay on the lookout for our absolutely stellar hour of Stupendous Stills! We scour the globe constantly looking for the best bubbly deals on the planet, and well, along the way, we encountered a number of other wines that we simply couldn’t pass up! So, from 3 PM to 4 PM (PST) we will be offering fabulous still wines that even the most hardcore Bubble Monsters will devour.

How to Prepare for Fizz Fest

Here’s what you’ll need to do to make the most of your Fizz Fest:

Update your Last Bubbles account

Log into your Last Bubbles account to ensure your shipping address and credit card information is correct so your sparklers get into your hands as soon as possible. Make sure your info is pre-saved so you can complete the checkout process before a new Champagne is posted onto the home page. 

Get more Bubbles for less

Our refer-a-friend program gets you and your circle extra cash to spend at Last Bubbles – and you can use that cash during the Fizz Fest! Get more wine and more people to celebrate this Leap Day extravaganza – all while saving you money to spend on even more bubbly? That’s a win-win in our book!

When you invite friends and family to join Last Bubbles with your referral code, they’ll get $10 added to their account upon sign-up, and you will get $30 worth of points added to your account when they make their first purchase!! That kind of cash goes far in a sale like this, and it’s not too late to get all of your referrals in before the big day. 

Turn more of your friends and family into Bubble Monsters, and get more wine that you didn’t pay for– it’s what keeps bottles popping. Please take a peek at our Invite Policy, and keep it fun, bottle poppers!!!

Start Getting Excited

So, Bubble Monster– are you stoked yet? Because we’re stoked. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare your sabers for Thursday, Feb 29th at 9 am (PST), we will see you then, bubble besties!!

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