Récoltant-Manipulant (RM, Grower Champagne)

Récoltant-Manipulant (RM) [pronunciation: re-koul-tahn mani-pu-lah]

Champagnes from a “grower-producer” (a.k.a. vineyard owner), typically vinified on-site at the property. Grower-producers have control over their entire winemaking process, from grape cultivation to production and bottling. RM Champagnes often emphasize the expression of terroir and can provide a unique and distinct character compared to those produced by larger Champagne houses that source grapes from various vineyards. Producers are allowed to buy up to 5% of the grapes used (usually red wine for the dosage in a rosé).

See also: Coopérative de Manipulation (CM), Négociant-Manipulant (NM), Récoltant-Coopérateur (RC)
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