Sekt [pronunciation: zeckt]

Sekt is produced in Germany (the country that drinks the most bubbly per-capita) and Austria. Historically, sekt has been industrially produced with the Charmat method. After two world wars, producers were more concerned with quantity than quality, but an increasing number of small estates are crafting fine sekt with traditional method in-bottle fermentation. The following are the four tiers of sekt production:

  • Deutscher Sekt: Basic level German sparkling wine made using various grape varieties and production methods.
  • Qualitätsschaumwein: Higher quality Sekt produced using the traditional method with stricter regulations.
  • Winzersekt: Artisanal Sekt made by individual winegrowers or estates, focusing on quality and terroir expression.
  • VDP.Sekt: The Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP), an association of top German wine estates, introduced the VDP.Sekt designation in 2014. It represents Sekt produced by VDP member estates known for their commitment to quality and terroir-driven winemaking.

See also: Cava, Franciacorta
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