Champagne Shortage in 2023– What you Need to Know About Bubbly Prices Today

Why Champagne is so expensive right now.

A single glass of Champagne, behind the glass is a row of golden beads.

Champagne has always been lavish– but the prices lately have been steep… We’re even feeling it here at Last Bubbles, and we have the best deals on the internet! Consumers all around the world (particularly in the US) are feeling the sting of the climbing Champagne prices in 2023, if they can find a bottle at all. 

Just like most of our supply chain issues today, the potential Champagne shortage starts with COVID. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Champagne has faced numerous logistical challenges related to shipping and transportation. The pandemic-induced restrictions and labor shortages have led to significant disruptions in global supply chains. These bottlenecks have resulted in delays, higher freight costs, and increased transportation expenses, all of which contribute to the overall cost of Champagne.

But as the pandemic-era wanes, the demand for Champagne rises– The big problem? There just isn’t enough juice to go around. Unpredictable weather patterns, including unexpected frosts, hailstorms, and heatwaves, led to significant decrease in grape production in 2021 (just as demand was significantly rising.)

Heatwaves in March 2021 burnt the vines, days of frost came immediately after the scorching, then torrential rains in June and July left mildew over the remaining vines. It was the perfect storm. The harvest was the smallest we have seen in decades, many growers lost over half of their crops. 

Another critical factor impacting the Champagne industry is the labor shortage. The complex process of harvesting grapes requires skilled laborers, and the shortage of available workers has hindered the efficiency of grape harvesting. With fewer hands available to pick grapes at the right moment of optimal ripeness, Champagne producers are facing even more difficulties in maintaining their usual production levels.

The demand for Champagne has simply outpaced the supply, by a lot. Champagne producers are left with no choice but to raise the prices of their bottles. This goes for both big-name producers and small grower producers, and that doesn’t even cover import prices

Here’s the kicker– we don’t expect this shortage to let up for several years. It takes some serious time to bounce back from something like this. 

So… who wants a glass of Prosecco?  We’ve got you covered, and despite the impending Champagne shortage, we’re still offering daily bubbles from incredible Champagne grower producers– but there’s never been a better time to explore our selections of Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta, and more! 

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